Thatsanee Butras Paper/ Manufacturers

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Thatsanee Butras Paper/ Manufacturers

Thatsanee Butras Paper/ Manufacturers  is a giant “A4 copy paper” manufacturer and exporter, with our base and product origin from Thailand. our company is “ISO Certified”, operates with 100% refund policy and delivery is 100% assured after reaching an agreement with our trading terms.

Payment Terms : All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to our bank account, the order will ship after the payment received in our bank account, and to handle any misunderstanding both of sales and customer, and please you contact us through phone/email after you have make a payment. And email us with the scan proof of the payment by your bank, so we can released your order immediately to shipped. You are responsible for all bank transfer fees, shipping costs and insurance. we will ship your order once your payment is received.ΓΆ€‹

(Please note that we cannot accept payment by Amex, Mastercard, Visa or Maestro except for local order). There will be no delivery until cleared funds are received.ΓΆ€‹ We are pleased extremely and proud that you come to visit our factory. As part of the partnership business in the long terms Please Let us know your schedules in advance so as to prepare your coming after proved of our products. Then confirm your order and deposit of at least 40% of them. When you get our products and pay by cash all. you will get discount of more than 3% as agreed. Our discount depends on the volume of customers orders.

Our company’s priority, gold and aim stands at :

  • High quality product
  • Best price offer
  • Save payment mode and 100% refund policy
  • Fast delivery with our shipping department, powered by “Thailand ministry of, transport”, running with prime priority to all our exports.
  • Courier - makers line (five star and express shipping line).

Our company supply most mostly A3 and A4 multipurpose office copy paper 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm manufactured of 100% virgin wood pulp, characterize with high brightness which is good and recommended for all office use. “double a” stands for our unique brand name and our product are found in more 100 countries in the world today, operating with lot of trust and dependable remarks, from the outside in dealing with us, as we render the best of services to our customers worldwide, with no limitation. Read more...